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by Erin Philp on Ana's Kids

My daughter started at Ana's in-home daycare when she was 4 months old and transitioned to Ana's Kids when she was two (she is now 2.5). I am so thankful that we were able to find Ana and I wish I had adequate words to express how much Ana's Kids and the people who care for children there mean to our family. I was so distraught to have to go back to work after the birth of our child, but it was not in the cards to be a stay at home mom. Ana and Gloria (the main carers for my daughter her first two years) were the next best thing to being at home with her, because I could tell how much they loved (and still love!) our baby and she loves them!! Our daughter is so very happy at Ana's Kids and is learning so much every day. There are times she cries when I pick her up in the afternoon because she wants to stay and keep having fun, and I've witnessed other kiddos doing the same thing in the parking lot! Before coming to Ana's Kids, I toured other daycares... and was distraught by what I saw. I can safely say Ana's Kids is far and away the best I've seen! Ana's Kids has allowed my husband and me to have 100% confidence that our daughter is loved, nurtured, and educated in a clean, safe environment during the day while we're at work. Thank you, everyone at Ana's Kids!

by Sarah on Ana's Kids

Ana Benavides, owner of Ana's Kids in-home day care center, is the current childcare provider for both of my children. My son started there in August 2011 when he was three months old. My daughter started there in November 2013, also at three months old. I could not be happier with the care they receive from Ana.My husband and I work full time at fairly demanding jobs and being able to stay at home to raise children is not a realistic option for either of us. In the years leading up to getting pregnant we heard stories from many friends about the struggle to find childcare in the JJC area. Besides giving birth, arranging childcare was the second biggest worry on my mind.We spent time researching nanny daycare options in area. The fact that some else would be playing such a major role in our children's lives made this decision even more important ill our eyes. After weeks of visiting daycares in the area, we met Ana. The care provided by Ana and her associates has been such a blessing in our lives. She provides an organized and professional daycare service in which I feel like my children's daily needs are not only adequately met, they are exceeded. I can literally see how happy they are and they are learning new things every day.In a perfect world I would be able to be a stay-at-home mom .. However, in reality, having my kids with Ana is about as perfect as it gets. I would recommend any daycare setting 11m by Ana Benevides to anyone.Sincerely,

by Kan on Ana's Kids

My son used to go to Ana's Kids a few months back but we had to relocate for my husband's job. Although it's been a while I can't help but think of the ladies who took care of my son. He was three months at the time.I could tell the ladies treated him well since his face lit up when I dropped him off. After only one week, my son was able to sooth himself to sleep without me rocking him to sleep. He also slept for more then five minutes at a time which was unheard of when I was on maternity leave. On the last day, Sylvia, one of the workers cried because she had such a strong bond with my son. We do miss her dearly and everyone there. Since leaving Ana's it's been difficult to find a school for infants with such great routine. The Spanish immersion was a bonus!!

by Michelle on Ana's Kids

Our daughter started at Ana's when she was 4 months old, and from day one we felt like she was in wonderful hands. Every single day when I pick her up she looks so happy. I can see how much she loves her friends and teachers, and how much they love her. She's growing and developing so well, and the schedule they create for her is so wonderful, it's made it very easy to implement at home too. I really appreciate the communication that all the staff provides. Even though we can't be with her all the time, we feel like we always know what's going on, and how she's been doing. We would recommend Ana's to anyone looking for childcare for their infant or toddler.

by Claire on Ana's Kids

This marks our 11 month anniversary with Ana's Kids and we couldn't be happier. Our daughter joined the infant class at age 14 months and has flourished in their care. She's now just over two, speaking in full sentences, reciting the months of the year and days of the week, and singing new songs she learned at school. I know each child is different and grows at their own pace, but I've been overwhelmed with her development (which seems to be matched by her peers). The team of teachers and managers do a great job responding to our requests and keeping a regular schedule. They are only closed two weeks per year (4th of July and between xmas and new years) and federal holidays. They had a parent teacher conference on President's Day so that working parents didn't have to take additional time off of work! Also, at the conference, they included a personalized report on our daughter and completed a Ages and Stages Questionnaire and MCHAT screen(validated development tools), which really impressed me (I'm a pediatrician and we use these in clinic as well).Whether you are looking for a daycare option or a preschool option, it's worth checking out Ana's Kids. After investigating the preschool options in our neighborhood, along with cost and time of care, we think that Ana's Kids is the best option for us until she starts kindergarten!

by Ellen & Gian on Ana's Kids

We are so grateful for the significant role Ana's Kids has in shaping our daughter. Our baby girl started attending Ana's Kids at 13 months and it was a difficult transition for her. Ana, Gio and the teachers were all so supportive and incredibly patient with our family, working with us through a gradual transition to ensure our daughter's success. In short, our daughter has thrived at Ana's Kids and continues to be very happy in her class. Her growth and progression is very apparent, a testament to the dedication, attention and patience demonstrated by each of her excellent teachers. The thoughtfulness of the center's operations, activities and approach are over and beyond any of our expectations. We are truly grateful for the care and peace of mind provided by all at Ana's.

by Scott & Susan on Ana's Kids

I am writing concerning Ana Benavides. I simply cannot say enough about Ana and what she has meant to our children the past three and a half years. My children, now ages 3 1/2, 2 and 9 months, have grown so much in her care. We have also recommended Ana to other families, and four of our friends now have children in her care. When Ana moved, we doubled OUT morning commute to keep our children with. This is obviously evidence of our deep trust in Ana and the care she provides for our family.We have a great piece of mind that our children are safe and learning at Ana's Kids. Ana prepares a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks every day. She teaches the children numbers, letters, colors, and shapes. She also takes them to the park and leads them in organized games and learning activities. Ana has taught my oldest two children to talk (in both English and Spanish), and she is working with my youngest on crawling. Ana helped us potty-train my daughter as well. My children take naps on a schedule, which Ana established, and now love the foods that Ana cooks/or them. They have fun playing with their friends at Ana's each day and are very happy at Ana's Kids.

by Amanda F on Ana's Kids

This letter is to give Benavides my highest recommendation for the childcare services she provides at her in-home daycare, Ana's Kids. My nine month old daughter has been under Ana's care for the past six months, and my husband and I couldn't be happier.Being a working mom is an emotional challenge, but I have never once worried about my daughter while she was in Ana's care. My daughter always smiles when Ana opens the door each morning. Ana and her assistants are bright, reliable, and affectionate.Ana is well-versed in child development, both due to her education and her natural affinity towards children. Because she is a mother herself, she has given me great advice on my daughter's development.Ana knows how to structure time wen and my daughter is on a regular schedule of eating, sleeping, and playing always calls right away when my daughter comes down with a fever or illness.I feel very fortunate to have my daughter in Ana's care, and know that there are many mothers who probably don't have the same confidence in their daycare, 111e care Ana provides is exceptional, and I completely trust her.I do know that children cry, and I know they must cry at Ana's, but I have never been to Ana's when children were crying. There is always a presence of calmness and happiness, and that is the ultimate testament to the great care provided at Ana's Kids.